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2023-03-27 10:47:08
Pocket Option is the best trading platform in the world that offers many possibilities. We have to be disciplined and be very patient and that's the only way we can be successful in trading....
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2022-08-20 10:45:16
Many people do not know how to trade, they lose money. So it's Pocket Option's fault. Everyone is to blame, except the shopkeeper who doesn't know.. You are perfectly fine and there is no complaint. That's honest. Just keep going and don't pay much attention to negative people, they are always and everywhere, no matter how much good you do. I wish you all the best.....
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-09-08 22:28:19
Have been trading with PO for almost a year . It has everything you can ask for... Demo Account, up to date market news, easy deposit and withdrawals. A super trading interface with all the tools you need. I'd recommend PO to anyone looking for a trading platform for skilled or beginners. There are many brokers out there, this has everything you would need to get you educated and trained and making $$$. And 24/7 friendly and efficient support team and a cool community too....
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-09-08 14:31:06
Best platform for binary trading,,It`s a very Awsome Traiding Platform, super and best for trade,,I recommend it to anyone out there who want to make extra money.....
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-08-16 12:02:23
Fast withdrawal and fast deposit
2023-08-08 04:35:10
Trustworthy and very good customer service Well, this is my first review for PO, and to be honest this broker is very open on every aspect of the platform. Today i made my first withdrawal to PerfectMoney in the morning at 5AM. 5PM i received the payment. Nothing compares to a clean process , you have a ticket for every step of you withdrawal or deposit. In the platform itself, trading is really intuitive as i trade on mobile. 5 Stars for me, highly recommended???? Here is my PO ID if anyone want to see my trades: 35473294...
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-08-06 22:35:39
pocket option is number 1 in world i like it
2023-08-01 22:26:59
At this time, the Pocket Option platform has demonstrated a commitment to delivering agility in deposits and payments. It has an excellent response time in positioning operations in the market. I have recommended and I do not regret it....
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-08-01 11:07:51
Pocket option is so good broker and I don't have get any problem to this broker good job
2023-07-28 21:31:32
The first thing that sets Pocket Option apart is its intuitive and sleek trading platform. From the moment you log in, you are greeted with a visually appealing interface that is easy to navigate. The platform's design ensures that even novice traders can quickly get up to speed and execute trades with confidence. In a world where every second counts, Pocket Option's lightning-fast execution ensures that you never miss an opportunity to capitalize on the market's movements....
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-07-25 19:26:37
2023-07-21 17:37:05
There are many trading platforms in the world but in my opinion Pocket Option is the best. I have convinced about 30 to 32 of my friends they will also leave other platforms and come to pocket option very soon. I want everyone to choose only pocket option for trading.. Pocket option is our emotion ♥️ Take love pocket option ♥️...
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-07-16 23:36:02
Easy deposit... Easy trading... High profit...
2023-07-16 18:41:35
Pocket Option trading platform has consistently exceeded my expectations with their exceptional services, ensuring smooth transactions and maximizing my profits. Highly recommended!...
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-07-14 12:29:37
It’s fantastic.
2023-07-13 20:57:50
I honestly would like to say the following about Pocket Option, even though I am not yet profitable but I love this platform, one of the rarest and most honest brokers of Binary Options. I gave them 4 stars because 5 would mean they are perfect and nothing is. But their platform is great, user friendly and I heard very little complaints about them! I would be making money as I continue to learn, maybe when that happens, I will have a different take about them, but in the meantime. I have zero complaints about PO and would recommend them to anyone willing to make some money on the side! But learn how to trade first because I took small accounts to buy amount already! And lost everything but it’s not because of PO, it’s me, or you the trader!...
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-07-11 15:38:11
Лучшая платформа для трейдинга, очень хороший функционал, который со временем стал только лучше! Рекомендую!...
Prikaži pun pregled Sakrij pun pregled
2023-07-09 23:41:06
The best platform ever
2023-07-04 13:40:43
PO is amazing trading platform, support is quick and deposits with withdrawals aswell.
2023-07-01 22:07:45
100% legit and supporting platform, which will be the next level financial freedom fighter, thanks a lot for solving my all issues and fast service too....
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Trgovanje na finansijskim tržištima nosi rizike. Ugovori za razliku (‘CFD’) su kompleksni finansijski proizvodi kojima se trguje akcijama. Trgovanje CFD nosi visok nivo rizika jer ulaganje može da radi u vašu korist i protiv nje. Kao rezultat toga, CFD možda nije odgovarajući za sve investitore jer možete da izgubite sav uloženi kapital. Ne bi trebalo da rizikujete više nego što ste spremni da izgubite. Pre nego što odlučite da trgujete, potrebno je da sigurno razumete uključene rizike i da uzmete u obzir vaš ciljeve investiranja i nivo iskustva